2023 KBS Drama Special

Title: KBS 드라마 스페셜 2023 / 2023 KBS Drama Special
Genre: Drama
Episodes: 10
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2023-Oct-14 to 2023-Dec-16
Air time: Saturday 23:10 KST

2023 KBS Drama Special:
E01. 극야 / No Path Back
A story about a salesman in beverage distribution who makes the wrong decision to better his life.

E02. 반쪽짜리 거짓말 / Half Lies
A coming-of-age story of 10-year-old Doo Ri who lies to hide the divorce of his parents and people around him.

E03. 도현의 고백 / Shoot for Love
The story of “12SunnyuFS”, the female amateur futsal team who becomes one through the sport.

E04. 우리들이 있었다 / Anyone, Anywhere
The story of the victim, perpetrator, and bystanders surrounding the death due to school bullying.

E05. 폭염주의보 / Dog Days of Summer
A story about 14-year-olds who go through puberty as hot as Daegu in the heat of the 2002 World Cup.

E06. 마님은 왜 마당쇠에게 고기를 주었나 / The True Love of Madam
A rom-com that starts with a seonbi scholar who witnesses the secret rendezvous of his wife and his servant.

E07. 고백공격 / Love Attack
A rom-com about a love confession made by a boy who uses the opportunity to be at the top of the class.

E08. 오버랩 나이프, 나이프 / Overlap Knife, Knife
A story about two people turning back time to protect their loved ones.

E09. 그림자 고백 / Behind The Shadows
Although destined in their own ways, three young people fall feverishly in love for the first time.

E10. 수운잡방 / Joseon Chefs
Kim Yu fails the national exams and meets Gye Am, the self-acclaimed best chef to walk the true path of life.


Subtitles: Internal eng softsub embedded

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