Branding in Seongsu

Title: 브랜딩 인 성수동 / 品牌in圣水洞 / Branding in Seongsu
Genre: Thriller, Romance, Supernatural
Episodes: 24
Broadcast network: U+Mobile TV
Broadcast period: 2024-Feb-05 to 2024-Mar-14
Air time: Monday-Thursday

Every project Kang Na Eon takes on in the realm of marketing is a surefire success. As the youngest manager yet at Seongsu Agency, she stands out as a unique force in the industry. However, her touchy and unapproachable demeanour tends to create enemies wherever she goes. On the flip side, So Eun Ho, an affable and easygoing intern at Seongsu Agency, has been shadowing Na Eon at every turn, proudly dubbing himself as Na Eon’s favourite junior. The dynamics between the supervisor and entry-level employee take an unexpected turn when Na Eon faces a threat, resulting in a serious injury. Waking up in a hospital bed, she discovers she’s still unconscious but trapped in none other than Eun Ho’s body. None of this surreal situation makes sense, but she has to put her focus on tracking down the person who tried to kill her, now in Eun Ho’s body.

Subtitles: Internal chi, eng, ind softsubs embedded

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Main Cast

Kim Ji Eun as Kang Na Eon
Lomon as So Eun Ho
Yang Hye Ji as Do Yu Mi
Kim Ho Young as Cha Jeong Woo

Supporting Cast

Jung Yi Rang as Lee Young Ae
Ahn Yun Hong as Min Hee Jeong
Jeon Jun Ho as Joo Rex
Lee Kwang Hee as Hwang Jae Ha
Chae Soo Ah as Jenny
Kim Young Jae as Sung Soo Dong