Title: 카운트 / Count
Genre: Drama, Sports
Director: Kwon Hyeok Jae
Runtime: 1h 49m
Release Date: Feb 22, 2023

It is often said that athletes die twice. Former boxer Park Si-heon feels like he has already experienced both deaths: first, when he won the most controversial gold medal of the 1988 Olympics and second, when his career ended in disgrace because of that very gold medal. Now on his third life as a hardheaded small town teacher, he is badgered by the principal to coach the school’s boxing team. While reluctant at first, Park becomes determined to get the team into shape upon meeting Yoon-woo, a potential boxing star. Together, Park and his underdog team set out to prove that they both have what it takes to be a true champion.

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Main Cast

Jin Seon Kyu as Park Shi Heon
Sung Yoo Bin as Yoon Woo

Supporting Cast

Yun Seo Jeong as [Bok An’s mother]
Oh Na Ra as Il Seon
Ko Chang Seok as [Principal]
Jang Dong Joo as Hwan Joo
Go Gyu Pil as Man Deok
Woo Jeong Won as [Yoon Woo’s mother]
Choi Woo Hyuk as Byung Woong
Lim Jung Min as [Referee]
Kim Min Ho as Bok An

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