Daily Dose of Sunshine

Title: 정신병동에도 아침이 와요 / Daily Dose of Sunshine
Genre: Medical
Episodes: 12
Broadcast network: Netflix
Broadcast period: 2023-Nov-03

A kind-hearted nurse working in psychiatry goes above and beyond to be a ray of light for those under her care, despite the challenges coming her way.

Subtitles: Internal eng, ind & 34 other softsubs embedded

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Main Cast

Park Bo Young as Jung Da Eun
Yeon Woo Jin as Dong Go Yoon
Jang Dong Yoon as Song Yu Chan
Lee Jung Eun as Song Hyo Jin

Supporting Cast

Lee Sang Hee as Park Soo Yeon
Chang Ryul as Hwang Yeo Hwan
Lee Yi Dam as Min Deu Lae
Jeon Bae Soo as Yoon Man Cheon
Kim Jong Tae as Lim Hyuk Soo
Park Ji Yun as Hong Jeong Ran
Yoo In Soo as Ji Seung Jae
Lim Jae Hyeok as Kong Cheol Woo
Kong Seong Ha as Cha Min Seo
Jung Woon Sun as Oh Ri Na
Jo Dal Hwan as Kim Sung Sik
Noh Jae Won as Kim Seo Wan
Kwon Han Sol
Kim Yeo Jin
Hwang Young Hee as [Jung Da Eun’s mom]
Cha Mi Kyung as [Oh Ri Na’s mom]

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