Dr. Cheon and Lost Talisman

Title: 천박사 퇴마 연구소: 설경의 비밀 / Dr. Cheon and Lost Talisman
Genre: Mystery, Horror, Fantasy, Comedy
Director: Kim Seong Sik
Runtime: 1h 38m
Release Date: Sep 27, 2023

Despite being the heir of a family that has safeguarded the village for generations, Dr. Cheon is a fake exorcist who doesn’t believe in ghosts. Then comes Yoo-kyung, a client who can see spirits, seeking his help. With an offer that’s hard to refuse, Dr. Cheon delves into the events at Yoo-kyung’s home and stumbles upon the secret of ‘Seolgyeong,’ a mystical talisman intertwined with his destiny. How will Dr. Cheon, a fake exorcist, confront a formidable case of possession like never before?

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Main Cast

Kang Dong Won as Dr. Cheon
Heo Joon Ho as Beom Cheon
Esom as Oh Yoo Kyung
Lee Dong Hwi as Kang In Bae
Kim Jong Soo as Boss Hwang

Supporting Cast

Park So Yi as Oh Yoo Min [Yoo Kyung’s younger brother]
Yoon Byung Hee as Hwa Raeng I [Beom Cheon’s righthand man & action leader]
Joo Bo Bi as Jeom Ba Chi [Magician]
Park Kyung Hye as Sa Wol
Lee Gyu Ho as Lee Jang
Kim Won Hae as [Dr. Cheon’s grandfather]
Park Jung Min as [Fairy Shaman]
Kim Ji Soo as [Fairy]
Cho Yi Hyun as [Madam’s daughter, student]
Lee Jung Eun as [Madam]
Park Myung Hoon as [Husband]