Title: 파묘 / 破墓 / Exhuma
Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Horror
Director: Jang Jae Hyun
Runtime: 2h 14m
Release Date: Feb 16, 2024

After suffering from serial paranormal events, a wealthy family living in LA summons a young rising shaman duo Hwa Rim and Bong Gil to save the newborn of the family. Once they arrive, Hwa Rim senses a dark shadow of their ancestor has latched on the family in a so-called ‘Grave Calling’.

In order to exhume the grave and relieve the ancestor, Hwa Rim seeks help from top-notch geomancer Sang Deok and mortician Yeong Geun. To their dismay, the four find the grave at a shady location in a remote village in Korea. Unaware of the consequences, the exhumation is carried out, unleashing a malevolent force buried underneath.

Subtitles: Internal chi, eng softsubs embedded | SubsourceSubdl

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Main Cast

Choi Min Shik as Kim Sang Deok
Kim Go Eun as Lee Hwa Rim
Yoo Hae Jin as Ko Young Geun
Lee Do Hyun as Yoon Bong Gil

Supporting Cast

Jeon Jin Ki as Park Geun Hyeon [Park Ji Yong’s grandfather]
Kim Jae Chul as Park Ji Yong [Hwa Rim’s client]
Jung Yun Ha as [Park Ji Yong’s wife]
Park Jeong Ja as [Park Ji Yong’s aunt & elder sister of Ji Yong’s father]
Park Ji Il as [Park Ji Yong’s accountant & butler]]
Kim Ji An as Park Ja Hye [Hwa Rim’s junior]
Lee Jong Goo as [Boguksa Temple monk & temple guardian]
Lee Young Ran as Bae Jeong Ja [Park Ji Yong’s mother]
Choi Moon Kyung as [Daughter of Park Ji Yong’s aunt]
Kim Tae Joon as Chang Min [Ko Young Geun’s coworker]
Kim Min Joon as [Japanese ghost]

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