Title: 복제인간 / Genesis
Genre: Thriller, Mystery
Episodes: 6
Broadcast network: Genie TV
Broadcast period: 2021-Jun-18

A man who digs into his mother’s mysterious death meeting humans with the same faces as him one by one and becoming embroiled in a bigger conspiracy.

Subtitles: Internal eng, ind softsubs embedded

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Main Cast

Park Hae Jin as Kang Il Hoon | Chen | Dong Jin | Michael
Nana as Yeo Rin
Lee Shi Ah as Yeo Rin

Supporting Cast

Kwak Shi Yang as Choi Jin Soo
Lee Ki Woo as Kang Il Kwon
Sul Ji Yoon as Han Jung Mi [Il Hoon’s mother]
Kim Chang Wan as Woo Ki Suk [Doctor]
Yoon Ah Jung as Kang Hee Joo [Psychiatrist]
Park Geun Hyung as Kang Do Hoon [Il Hoon’s adoptive father]
Koo Ja Sung as Kim Min Ki [Il Hoon’s secretary]
Kyung Soo Jin as Park Hyun Soo [Yeo Rin’s friend]
Jang Hee Ryung as Park Hyun Soo [Yeo Rin’s friend]
Park Jin Joo as Park Hyun Soo
So Hee Jung as Myung Ja [Yeo Rin’s mother]
Ren as Yeo Hoon [Yeo Rin’s brother]
Byun Jung Soo as Oh Se Jung
Park Chul Min as Oh Hyung Moo
Eru as Moon Ho Sung [Il Kwon’s secretary]
Seo Gyung Hwa as Secretary Kwon
Choi Hyo Sang as [Do Hoon’s attorney]
Heo Eun as [Se Jung’s secretary]
Jo Hee Bong as [Lead detective]
Mi Seok as [Detective Park]
Geum Kwang San as Detective Byun
Eddy as [Yeo Rin’s co-detective]
Lee Gi Young as Woo Ki Hoon
Oh Mi Hee as Kim Sang Hee
Park Young Soo as [Store worker]
Kim Joon Won as Han Sang Doo
Shin Jae Yi as [Il Kwon’s mistress]
Moon Soo Bin as [Restaurant waitress]

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