Hail to Hell

Title: 지옥만세 / Hail to Hell
Genre: Drama, Adventure
Director: Lim Oh Jeong
Runtime: 1h 48m
Release Date: Oct 9, 2022

Na-mi and Sun-woo, the outcasts in school, plan to commit suicide instead of going to the school trip. On the moment of success, they find out that the girl, Chae-lin, who made their lives miserable is living a new happy life in Seoul. So, they decide to make revenge before ending their lives. However, when they finally spot Chae-lin, they see a good-hearted girl in front of them which makes their plans go awry.

Subtitles: Internal eng, kor softsubs embedded

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Main Cast

Oh Woo Ri as Song Na Mi
Bang Hyo Rin as Hwang Sun Woo
Park Sung Hoon as Han Myung Ho

Supporting Cast

Jung Yi Ju as Park Chae Rin
Lee Joo Won as Yeon Bok

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