I Am Home

Title: 집 이야기 / 房子的故事 / I Am Home
Genre: Drama, Family
Director: Park Je Bum
Runtime: 1h 32m
Release Date: Nov 28, 2019

Eun-seo, a newspaper editor who lives alone in Seoul, struggles repeatedly to find her own place. Her father Jin-cheol, who runs a 24-hour locksmith business in Incheon, lives alone in a house where his family has left. Eun-seo unexpectedly returns her childhood home to live with her father. There, she faces traces of her family she had forgotten. Meanwhile, Jin-cheol, who has spent his entire life unlocking other people’s houses, begins to open his closed heart towards his family thanks to Eun-seo.

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Main Cast

Lee Yoo Young as Kang Eun Seo
Kang Shin Il as Kang Jin Chul

Supporting Cast

Seo Young Hwa as Mi Ja
Jo Hyun Shik as Kyung Shik
Jeon Seok Chan as Sang Jin
Nam Moon Chul as Head of department Oh
Kim Byung Soon as Mr. Bae
Lee Myung Ja as [Granny from the towel store]
Gong Min Jung as Kyung Ran
Hwang Eun Hoo as Eun Joo
Shin Jung Man as [Dragon truck knight]

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