Like Flowers in Sand

Title: 모래에도 꽃이 핀다 / Like Flowers in Sand
Genre: Mystery, Comedy, Romance, Youth
Episodes: 12
Broadcast network: ENA
Broadcast period: 2023-Dec-20 to 2024-Jan-31
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:00 KST

Kim Baek Doo participates in the traditional Korean wrestling sport of ssireum and is a member of the ssireum team for the Geosan County Office. Baek Doo was born as the youngest son of a prestigious ssireum family. In the past, he was known as a genius like ssireum wrestler, but not anymore. He is thinking about retiring from the sport altogether. One day, Baek Doo meets his childhood friend Oh Yoo Kyung and has a turning point in his ssireum life. Yoo Kyung and Baek Doo grew up together in Geosan County. She begins to work as a leader of the management team for the ssireum team, which is on the verge of disbanding.

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Main Cast

Jang Dong Yoon as Kim Baek Doo
Lee Joo Myung as Oh Yoo Kyung

Supporting Cast

Lee Joo Seung as Cho Seok Hee [Police officer / Baek Doo’s best friend]
Yoon Jong Seok as Min Hyun Wook
Lee Jae Joon as Kwak Jin Soo [Former ssireum wrestler / Baek Doo’s rival]
Kim Bo Ra as Joo Mi Ran [Café owner]
Ahn Chang Hwan as Lee Kyung Moon
Jang Hee Jung as Ahn Hyun Jin [Kyung Moon’s wife]
Choi Moo Sung as Kim Tae Baek [Baek Doo’s father]
Jang Young Nam as Ma Jin Sook [Tae Baek’s wife]
Woo Hyun as Park Pil Doo [Sarangbang owner]
Hwang Seok Jung as Lim Hyun Ja [Jin Soo’s mother]
Seo Jung Yeon as Chu Mi Sook [Detective]
Seo Jin Won as Ahn Ji Yong


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