Love Reset

Title: 30일 / Love Reset
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Drama
Director: Nam Dae Joong
Runtime: 1h 59m
Release Date: Oct 3, 2023

Despite heavy opposition from family, Jeong-yeol and Na-ra succeed in getting married through the sheer power of love. But fast forward two years, and the two are leaving a courthouse after receiving a 30-day divorce settlement period, when a car accident causes them to lose both their memories. The amnesia-stricken couple quickly fall for each other again, and their family members devise an elaborate 30-day plan to recall their memories and complete the divorce.

Subtitles: Internal eng softsub embedded | SubsceneMirror

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Main Cast

Kang Ha Neul as No Jung Yeol
Jung So Min as Hong Na Ra

Supporting Cast

Hwang Se In as Hong Na Mi
Kim Sun Young as Jo Sok Jeong [Jung Yeol’s mother]
Yoon Gyung Ho as Bae Ki Bae [Jung Yeol’s older brother]
Jo Min Soo as Do Bo Bae [Na Ra’s mother]
Im Chul Hyung as Hong Chan Gu [Na Ra’s father]
Uhm Ji Yoon as Go Yeong Ji
Song Hae Na as Cheon Ae Ok
Lee Sang Jin as Eom Gwi Dong
Won Woo as Jang Tak Ho
Seo Han Gyeol as Ryu Mo Kyeong
Chae Joo Ah as Hong Ki Sook [Nara’s niece]

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