Title: 미미쿠스 / Mimicus
Genre: Youth, Drama
Episodes: 16
Broadcast period: 2022-Jul-22 to 2022-Sep-14
Air time: Wednesday & Friday

Han Yoo Sung (Yoo Young Jae) attends Daehan Performing Arts High School where he has ended up with a reputation for being aloof and uptight. He comes from a well-heeled family and most think that he enjoys being distant. However, although he isn’t very good at showing it, what he really wants to do is show off his secret talents. Although he hates all kinds of copycat-like behavior, one day he finds that rumors are circulating at school, with some accusing him of stealing the look and style of Ji Soo Bin (Kim Yoon Woo), a fellow student and a trainee at a top-billing entertainment company. Little does Han Yoo Sung know the young man he is being accused of copying actually has a few secrets of his own…

Meanwhile, fellow students are also trying to make a name for themselves. Oh Ro Si (Jo Yu Ri) is the youngest member of an up-and-coming all-female K-pop group named ICE. However, the public doesn’t know that she is actually being bullied by her older groupmates. And then there’s Shin Da Ra (Nana), a popular YouTuber who thinks that mimicking is the secret to popularity. Can this quartet – and their classmates – make their school days and young lives a success?

Subtitles: Internal eng softsub | SubsceneMirror

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Main Cast

Yoo Young Jae as Han Yoo Sung
Jo Yu Ri as Oh Ro Shi
Kim Yoon Woo as Ji Soo Bin
Nana as Shin Da Ra

Supporting Cast

Oh Jae Woong as Woo Jae Young
Kim Myung Chan as Hyeon Woo
Kim Ji Sung as Han Joo Mi
Lee Yoon Ji as Lee Mi Yeon
Chan as Bang Yu Chan

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