My Lovely Boxer

Title: 순정복서 / My Lovely Boxer
Genre: Romance, Sports
Episodes: 12
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2023-Aug-21 to 2023-Oct-02
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:45 KST

At 17, Lee Kwon Sook, a talented boxer, becomes a sensation but vanishes before her grand slam. Now a kind-hearted kindergarten teacher, she conceals her tenacious “one-two punch” personality. Everything changes when she meets Kim Tae Young, an ice-cold and arrogant sports agent notorious for exploiting athletes, bleeding them dry, and forcing them into early retirement. He is furious upon discovering that Kim Hee Won, a brother-like figure and baseball pitcher, got involved in match-fixing due to Kim Oh Bok, an illegal sports gambling operator. Tae Young approaches Kwon Sook to help resolve Kim Hee Won’s situation, knowing her boxing comeback would garner significant public interest. After persistent persuasion, the “Genius Boxer Who Hates Boxing’s Final Retirement” project commences as planned by Tae Young, the exploitative retirement expert. With the sports industry tainted by match-fixing criminal organizations, will Kwon Sook, the genius boxer, be able to retire in glory?

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Main Cast

Lee Sang Yeob as Kim Tae Young
Kim So Hye as Lee Kwon Sook

Supporting Cast

Park Ji Hwan as Kim Oh Bok
Kim Hyung Mook as Lee Cheol Yong
Ha Seung Ri as Jung Soo Yeon
Kim Jin Woo as Han Jae Min
Chae Won Bin as Han Ah Reum
Choi Jae Woong as Kim Hee Won
Kim Hee Chan as Choi Ho Joong
Yoon In Jo as Lee Yeong Ae
Kim Sang Woo as Go Seon Jae
Sung No Jin as Trainer Song
Lim Young Ju as Park Hye Jin
Do Eun Ha as Jo Ah Ra
Song Ye Bin as Teacher Eun Sol
Lee Song Yi as Junior teacher
Kim Sang Bo as Park Kyung Soo
Nam Tae Woo as Yang Man Hee
Min Kyung Ok as Moon Jung Hee


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