My Worst Neighbor

Title: 빈틈없는 사이 / My Worst Neighbor
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Director: Lee Woo Cheol
Runtime: 1h 52m
Release Date: Jul 5, 2023

On the first night at his new place, Seung-jin hears a woman’s ghostly wails. It turns out that the next-door neighbor, Ra-ni’s been driving people away from the apartment because of the super-thin walls. But Seung-jin won’t go without a fight. After a battle of loud noises, they decide to take turns being noisy. As they share their lives, they start to develop strange feelings for each other.

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Main Cast

Lee Ji Hoon as Lee Seung Jin
Han Seung Yeon as Hong Ra Ni

Supporting Cast

Go Gyu Pil as Gu Ji Woo
Kim Yoon Sung as Kim Yoon Sung
Lee Yoo Joon as Jung Jae Young
Jung Ae Yun as Hong Ra Kyung [Ra Ni’s older sister]
Im Kang Sung as Dong Won Chang
Shin Ji Woo as Kim Hye Ji [Seung Jin’s ex-girlfriend]
Kim Min Ah as Jang Min Kyung

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