Title: 유령 / Phantom
Genre: Action, Thriller, Historical
Director: Lee Hae Young
Runtime: 2h 12m
Release Date: Jan 18, 2023

An action-espionage film set in 1933, during the Japanese colonization of Korea. The film will tell the story of five suspects who are under suspicion of being the mysterious “Ghost,” a spy for the anti-Japanese resistance. Trapped inside an isolated hotel to be interrogated, the five characters must use their wits to fight to escape while also suspecting and doubting one another.

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Main Cast

Sol Kyung Gu as Murayama Junji
Lee Ha Nee as Park Cha Gyeong
Park So Dam as Yoshinaga Yuriko
Park Hae Soo as Takahara Kaito
Seo Hyun Woo as Cheon Gye Jang

Supporting Cast

Kim Dong Hee as Lee Baek Ho
Kim Joong Hee as Sakuma Tadashi
Kim Jong Soo as Woo Dang
BIBI as Ayanami
Esom as Yoon Nan Yeong
Lee Joo Young as Lee Yeong Joo
Go In Beom as Yamagata Togujo
Jo Ha Seok as Yamada Jiro
Seo Jin Won as Ishimaru Masashi
Yoon Tae In as Oyama Akihiro
Yoo Kyung Hoon as Kurada Satoshi
Park Sang Hoon as Lee Dong Woo
Han Woo Yul as Lee Seong Ha
Kim Yeong Taek as Choi Kyung Soo
Cha Hee as [Elementary school nun]