Pyramid Game

Title: 피라미드 게임 / 金字塔游戏 / Pyramid Game
Genre: Thriller
Episodes: 10
Broadcast network: TVING
Broadcast period: 2024-Feb-29 to 2024-Mar-21
Air time: Thursday 12:00 KST

Once a month, students at Baekyeon Girls’ High School cast their votes in a popularity poll. The result? A brutal ranking system that determines the entire social hierarchy of the school.

Sung Su Ji has just transferred and scores a zero. After starting at the bottom and becoming a target of school violence, can Su Ji make her way to the top of the pyramid? Or will she topple the game altogether?

Subtitles: Internal chi, eng, tha softsubs embedded
External subs:

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Main Cast

Bona as Sung Su Ji
Jang Da A as Baek Ha Rin
Ryu Da In as Myeong Ja Eun
Shin Seul Ki as Seo Do Ah
Kang Na Eon as Im Ye Rim
Jung Ha Dam as Go Eun Byeol
Ha Yul Ri as Bang Woo Yi