Title: 리바운드 / Rebound
Genre: Sports, Drama
Director: Jang Hang Joon
Runtime: 2h 2m
Release Date: Apr 5, 2023

Joong-Ang High School was once renowned for its high ranked basketball team, but as the years pass and victories grow fewer, the school’s social worker Kang Yang-hyun who was a former minor league baseball player, becomes the head coach. Left over talent refuses to play under an inexperienced coach, leaving Coach Kang to pull together a ragtag team of sports misfits. The team is pushed to their limits, but one final obstacle threatens to destroy what little hope was left, until six members agree to return for the love of the game and take on the KBA National Tournament. With only six players on their roster, they begin knocking on victory’s door, following Coach Kang’s motto: “There is no such thing as missed shots, there are only rebounds!” The miracle journey of Busan Joong-Ang High begins.

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Main Cast

Ahn Jae Hong as Kang Yang Hyun
Lee Shin Young as Cheon Ki Beom
Jung Jin Woon as Bae Gyu Hyeok
Kim Taek as Hong Soon Kyoo
Jung Gun Joo as Jung Kang Ho
Kim Min as Heo Jae Yoon
Ahn Ji Ho as Jung Jin Wook