Secret Zoo

Title: 해치지않아 / 秘密动物园 / Secret Zoo
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Director: Son Jae Gon
Runtime: 1h 57m
Release Date: Jan 15, 2020

A lawyer is given the mission of revitalising a bankrupt zoo that has no animals. When he and a group of zookeepers come up with the idea to dress like animals and his fake polar bear goes viral, the zoo becomes a hit, before his law firm’s real intentions are revealed.

Subtitles: Internal chi, eng, ind softsubs embedded | Subdl

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Main Cast

Ahn Jae Hong as Kang Tae Soo
Kang So Ra as Han So Won
Park Young Gyu as Director Seo
Kim Sung Oh as Kim Gun Wook
Jeon Yeo Been as Kim Hae Gyung

Supporting Cast

Park Hyuk Kwon as CEO Hwang
Seo Hyun Woo as Secretary Oh
Jang Seung Jo as Sung Min
Park Hyung Soo as Lawyer Song
Kim Heung Rae as Black Nose
Kim Soo Jin as Lawyer Seo
Oh Jae Kyun as [Labor Union member]
Jo Min Kyung as [Fox keeper]
Jin Hyun Kwang as [Driver]
Han Ye Ri as Min Chae Ryung [Ra Kwon’s president]
Park So Young as [Spectator]
Bae Eun Woo as [Min Chae Ryung’s secretary]
Yang Hee Won as [Kindergartener 2]
Kim Kyung Min as [Chinese Restaurant owner]
Yoon Dae Yeol as Section Chief Ha
Seol Chang Hee as [Lawyer]

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