Sing My Crush

Title: 따라바람 / Sing My Crush
Genre: BL, Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 8
Broadcast network: Heavenly
Broadcast period: 2023-Aug-02

Ba-ram, the frontman of the band Ddara Baram, learned from the painful failure of his first love that he should be cautious with his feelings and is now a decisive person. During his high school days, he met Han-tae at a guitar training class, and due to a certain event, she developed feelings for him, becoming both his good friend and manager. In truth, Ba-ram’s feelings for Han-tae have already surpassed friendship, but he has not shown it. One day, when Ba-ram becomes embroiled in a plagiarism controversy and his attitude becomes extremely negative, Han-tae decides to help him in his own way.

Subtitles: Internal ara, chi, eng, ind, spa, may, tha, vie softsubs embedded

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Main Cast

Jang Do Yoon as Ba Ram
Son Hyun Woo as Han Tae