Strong Underdog

Title: 셔틀, 최강의 셔틀 / 穿梭:最强的穿梭 / Strong Underdog
Genre: Action, Comedy
Director: Ryu Kwang Hyun
Runtime: 1h 33m
Release Date: May 18, 2023

As a high school student, Jung Woo isn’t exactly at the top of his class’s social hierarchy. In fact, as one who is bullied daily, Jung Woo could easily be considered one of the lowest, most unlucky students in his entire school. Struggling every day just to get by, Jung Woo does everything he can to hang on long enough to graduate. But when Jae Seong and his cronies decide to hold a fighting tournament among the school’s weakest students, Jung Woo finds himself caught up in the school’s biggest, most talked-about event of the year. Determined not to lose, Jung Woo heads to the gym to train, but it isn’t until he meets the school’s new transfer student, Min Ah, that he finds the inspiration he needs to truly fight back.

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Main Cast

Lee Dae Hwi as Jung Woo
Kim Do Yeon as Jae Seong

Supporting Cast

Shin Jae Hwi as Jong Bin
Chae Won Bin as Min Ah
Jang Yeon Woo as Seong Hoon
Song Young Kyu as [Institution director]
Yoon Hyun Soo as Kwang Shik
Shin Ji Seop as Se Hyuk
Kang Hee Goo as Min Gi