The Chairman is Level 9

Title: 이사장님은9등급 / 理事长是九年级 / The Chairman is Level 9
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Youth
Episodes: 12
Broadcast network: Wavve
Broadcast period: 2024-Apr-29 to 2024-Jun-03
Air time: Monday

Na Yi Soo may have grown up in an environment that others would envy, but he harbors hatred for his father and heads to Balhae High School, which his father cherished, in order to seek revenge. The process of change between Yi Soo, who has lived a rougher life than anyone else, and the nation’s most elite students who have lived upright lives, as they get to know each other, and the love that blooms in the process, will be dynamically unfolded.

Subtitles: Internal eng, ind, may softsubs embedded

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Main Cast

Moon Sung Hyun as Na Yi Soo
Kim Shi Kyung as Han Ba Tang
Yoon Hyun Suk as Boo Ro Woon

Supporting Cast

Ki Hyun Woo as Phi Dae Hee [Student]
Lee Hyo Bin as Se Ra [Student]
Choi Ji Hye as Son Eun Bin [Student]
Kim Won Hoon as Mr. Yoo [Teacher]
Lee Chang Ho as Mr. Hwang [Attorney]
Kim Kyung Min as Na Joon [Yi Soo’s uncle]