The Moon

Title: 더 문 / The Moon
Genre: Action, Science Fiction
Director: Kim Yong Hwa
Runtime: 2h 9m
Release Date: Aug 2, 2023

In the near future, South Korea’s first manned mission to the moon ends in a tragic disaster when an explosion occurs on board. 5 years later, a second human spaceflight is launched successfully but a strong solar wind causes it to malfunction. One astronaut, Sun-woo is left stranded in space. Facing another fatal catastrophe, the Naro Space Center turns to its former managing director Kim Jae-guk to help bring Sun-woo back home safely.

Subtitles: Internal chi, eng, ind, may softsubs embedded
External subs: SubsceneMirror

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Main Cast

Sol Kyung Gu as Kim Jae Guk
Doh Kyung Soo as Hwang Seon Woo
Kim Hee Ae as Yoon Moon Young

Supporting Cast

Park Byung Eun as Jeong Min Gyu [Head of the Aerospace Center]
Jo Han Chul as [Minister]
Choi Byung Mo as Oh Kyu Seok
Hong Seung Hee as Han Byeol
Choi Jung Woo as [President]