The Night Owl

Title: 올빼미 / The Night Owl
Genre: Historical, Thriller
Director: Ahn Tae Jin
Runtime: 1h 58m
Release Date: Nov 23, 2022

Kyeong-Soo is a blind acupuncturist. He is unable to see anything during the daytime, but, strangely, he is able to see like a normal person at night. One evening, Kyeong-Soo happens to witness the death of the crown prince. This death leads King Injo into madness. Kyeong-Soo attempts to reveal the truth behind the crown prince’s death.

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Main Cast

Ryu Joon Yeol as Kyung Soo
Yoo Hae Jin as King In Jo

Supporting Cast

Choi Moo Sung as Lee Hyung Ik
Jo Sung Ha as Nobleman Cho
Park Myung Hoon as Man Sik [Physician]
Kim Sung Cheol as Crown Prince So Hyeon
Ahn Eun Jin as Jo So Yong [Concubine]
Jo Yoon Seo as Kang Bin [Crown Princess]
Lee Joo Won as Yi Suk Chul [Eldest son of Crown Prince So Hyeon
Kim Ye Eun as Court Lady Seo
Jung Suk Won as [Royal guard]