The Pork Cutlets

Title: 나는 돈가스가 싫어요 / The Pork Cutlets
Genre: Comedy, Life
Episodes: 2
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2024-Jul-05 to 2024-Jul-06
Air time: Friday & Saturday 21:50 KST

Ja Wang, the head of Onghwa Village, is witty and gets along with the nosy people. Having pride and passion for his job, saying it’s national affairs, there is one thing he has pride for and that is his virility! Giving birth to three healthy baby boys right after getting married, Ja Wang feels bad for his burdened wife Shin Ae, but wanting a daughter that fully resembles his wife, he waits for the opportunity to make that history. He is happy to hear of his wife’s pregnancy but finds out this time it’s not a daughter but a son. The curse doesn’t stop there. Unable to bear any longer, Shin Ae suggests a vasectomy! To make things worse, his childhood friend Deok Sam also begins to covet his village head position. He now knows what it feels like for “Baekgu,” the neighborhood Casanova dog that will be getting neutered.

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Main Cast

Jeon Hye Bin as Lim Shin Ae
Lee Joong Ok as Deok Sam
Jung Sang Hoon as Jeong Ja Wang

Supporting Cast

Cho Yun U as Yi Ho [Middle son of the village head]
Ryu Seong Hwan as Se Ho [Youngest son of the village head]
Kim Young Ok as Chun Sim
Jo Dan as Bok Cheol
Park Kyung Hye as Jung Ja
Ahn Seok Hyun as Il Ho [Eldest son of village head]
Lee A Rin as A Reum [Deok Sam’s daughter]
Kim Soo Jin as Mi Sook [Hyun Chul’s wife]
Lee Ji Hoon as Hyun Chul [Urologist / Mi Sook’s husband]
Kim Mi Hwa as [Dong Cheol’s wife]

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