The Roundup: Punishment

Title: 범죄도시4 / 犯罪都市4 / The Roundup: Punishment
Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller
Director: Heo Myung Haeng
Runtime: 1h 49m
Release Date: Feb 23, 2024
Related Movies: The Outlaws (2017), The Roundup (2022), The Roundup: No Way Out (2023)

While investigating a drug-trafficking app, “Monster Cop” Ma Seok Do and his team discover a connection between the app’s developer, who was murdered in the Philippines, and an illegal online gambling organization. Meanwhile, in the Philippines, Baek Chang Ki is controlling the Korean online illegal gambling market and spreading terror with kidnap, assault and murder. His partner, the IT genius Jang Dong Cheol, is planning an even larger scheme in Korea itself. To put an end to the escalating threat, Detective Ma expands his operation by proposing an unexpected alliance… The fourth installment in the Roundup series.

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Main Cast

Ma Dong Seok as Ma Seok Do
Kim Mu Yeol as Baek Chang Ki
Lee Dong Hwi as Jang Dong Cheol

Supporting Cast

Lee Bum Soo as Jang Tae Soo
Kim Min Jae as Kim Man Jae
Lee Ji Hoon as Yang Jong Soo
Lee Joo Bin as Han Ji Soo
Park Ji Hwan as Jang Yi Soo
Kim Do Geon as Jung Da Wit
Kim Shin Bi as Kam Nam Soo
Ahn Sung Bong as Jason [Mercenary]
Kwak Ja Hyung as President Cheon
Kim Young Woong as President Man
Bae Jae Won as Choi Yoo Seong
Hyun Bong Sik as President Kwon
Ryoo Ji Hoon as Manager Lee
Baek Seung Hwan as Jo Sung Jae