The Unfair

Title: 소수의견 / 少数意见 / The Unfair
Also known as: Minority Opinion
Genre: Legal
Director: Kim Sung Je
Runtime: 2h 6m
Release Date: Jun 24, 2015

A young and inexperienced public attorney, Jin-won, is assigned to defend Jae-ho, a father of a teen who’s been killed by a cop. Jae-ho is charged of murdering the policeman in revenge. With the help of a passionate journalist and a divorce lawyer, Jin-won vows to reveal the truth behind and accuses the court of attempting a cover-up. Faced with an uphill battle, losing hope and on the verge of giving up, the defense counsel never abandons its search for truth and fairness.

Subtitles: Internal chi, eng, ind, jpn, kor softsubs embedded
External subs: SubsourceSubdl

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Main Cast

Yoon Kye Sang as Jin Won
Yoo Hae Jin as Dae Seok
Kim Ok Bin as Soo Kyung

Supporting Cast

Lee Kyung Young as Park Jae Ho
Kim Hyung Jong as Kim Soo Man
Jang Gwang as [Hee Taek’s father]
Choi Soo Han as Park Shin Woo
Park Choong Seon as [Director of the district prosecutors’ office]
Kwak Min Seok as Park Gyeong Cheol [Opposition lawmakers]
Yoon Byung Hee as [Prisoner on trial]
Kim Jung Soo as Lee Gwang Pyeong
Kim Jae Rok as [State compensation judge]
Park Min Hee as [Chief of the National Police Agency]
Park Hae Soo as [Goo Hwan’s assistant]
Yoon Ji In as Secretary Song
Kim Ah Ram as [Juror]
Yoon Jong Goo as [Table Tennis Hall owner]
Oh Jin Ha as [Female judge]
Jung Chan Sung as [Investigator]
Hong In as [Prisoner on trial]
Han Chul Woo as [Kim Soo Man’s lawyer]
Kim Dae Ryeong as [Lee Gwang Pyeong’s Lawyer]
Jo Bok Rae as Cho Gu Hwan [Prosecutor]
Oh Yeon Ah as Yoo In-ha
Lee Na Ra as [Investigator]
Kim Eun Seok as [Chief prosecutor]
Kwon Hae Hyo as [Judge]
Kim Eui Sung as Hong Jae Deok [Prosecutor]
Jeon Geum Han as [Police officer]
Park Kyu Chae as Professor Myung [Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee of the Korean Bar Association]
Uhm Tae Goo as Lee Seung Jun


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