Uncle Samsik

Title: 삼식이 삼촌 / 逆贫大叔 / Uncle Samsik
Genre: Historical, Political
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: Disney+
Broadcast period: 2024-May-15 to 2024-Jun-19
Air time: Wednesday 16:00 KST

Set in 1960s South Korea. The series follows two men through their bromance and the obstacles they face during a turbulent time in the country’s history.

It depicts the story of Park Doo Chil, who is known as Uncle Samsik, who always has three meals a day, even during the war, and Kim San, an elite man from the Korean Military Academy, who wants to create a country where everyone lives well.

Subtitles: Internal eng, ind & 26 other softsubs embedded

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Main Cast

Song Kang Ho as Park Doo Chil / Uncle Sam Sik
Byun Yo Han as Kim San
Lee Kyu Hyung as Kang Sung Min
Jin Ki Joo as Joo Yeo Jin
Seo Hyun Woo as Jung Han Min

Supporting Cast

Oh Seung Hoon as Ahn Ki Cheol
Joo Jin Mo as Ahn Yo Seop
Tiffany Young as Rachel Jung
Yoo Jae Myung as Jung Doo Sik
Kim Min Jae as Yoo Yeon Cheol
Oh Gwang Rok as Joo In Tae [Politician]
Ryu Tae Ho as Choi Han Rim [General]
Noh Jae Won as Han Soo [Seodaemun faction’s leader]
Kim Yool Ho as Baek Hyun Seok
Lee Hyun Kyun as Oh In Woo [Yeo Jin’s colleague]
Goo Sung Hwan as Koo Hae Jun [Seodaemun faction’s leader]
Lee Ho Suk as Lee Ho Seok [Activist]
Jeon Chae Eun as Park Su Jin [Kim San’s neighbor]
Lee Kwang Hee
Na Hyun Woo
No Sang Bo