Behind Your Touch

Title: 힙하게 / Behind Your Touch
Genre: Mystery, Comedy, Romance, Supernatural
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: JTBC
Broadcast period: 2023-Aug-12 to 2023-Oct-01
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 22:30 KST

A psychic vet and a detective join forces to crack small-town cases — but their skills are tested when they unravel a chilling serial killer mystery.

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Main Cast

Han Ji Min as Bong Ye Bun
Lee Min Ki as Moon Jang Yeol
Suho as Kim Sun Woo

Supporting Cast

Joo Min Kyung as Bae Ok Hee [Ye Bun’s friend]
Kim Hee Won as Won Jong Mook
Park Sung Yun as Jung Hyun Ok
Park Hyuk Kwon as Park Jong Bae [Shaman]
Lee Seung Joon as Cha Joo Man
Park Noh Shik as Kim Kwang Shik
Yang Jae Sung as Jung Eui Hwan
Jung Yi Rang as Na Mi Ran
Jo Min Kook as Bae Deok Hee


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    Thanks for Oldboy, a better bitrate than I had (thus also a larger file). Re this series, would have been nice had they nailed the ending, or even come close. Show was going just fine before this last. I mean, it’s not everyday that one of the leads loses relative/crush interest, especially not when there are actual comedy moments along the way. But the concluding episode… In addition to anything else, she had certain feelings for the one soul who the cop saw as suspect, he’s killed, then she’s blaming the cop for everything, then shortly thereafter she’s madly in love with him. Would have worked over episodes, plural, but not in a single one. And not just this series, but when is a gang going to grasp the notion that it would help if they went with the gang/mass bum-rush instead of one at a time?

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