Between Him and Her

Title: 남과 여 / Between Him and Her
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 12
Broadcast network: Channel A
Broadcast period: 2023-Dec-26 to 2024-Mar-15
Air time: Friday 22:30 KST

In their college days, campus sweethearts Jung Hyun Sung and Han Sung Ok fell madly in love with one another. They couldn’t imagine spending a day apart – and dreamed of launching successful careers that would complement one another as they spent forever in one another’s arms.

Seven years later, reality has bitten – hard. The “seven-year itch,” they have learned, is a very real phenomenon. While Jung Hyun Sung has become the designer of his own hip fashion brand and Han Sung Ok is a jewelry designer, their careers are far from stellar. The eve of their seventh anniversary as a couple approaches, but the unthinkable has happened – they have become bored of one another. Where passion once lived, now resides only indifference and boredom. Things are about to come to a head – but could the spark return to their relationship…to save the day?

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Main Cast

Lee Dong Hae as Jung Hyun Sung
Lee Seol as Han Sung Ok

Supporting Cast

Baek Soo Hee as Yoon Yoo Joo
Kim Hyun Mok as Kim Hyung Seop [Hyun Sung’s best friend]
Park Jeong Hwa as Ryu Eun Jeong [Sung Ok’s best friend]
Yeon Je Hyung as Kim Geon Yeop [Sung Ok’s junior]
Lim Jae Hyeok as Oh Min Hyuk
Choi Won Myung as Ahn Si Hoo
Yoon Ye Joo as Kim Hye Ryeong [Kindergarten teacher]
Baek Sung Hyun as Kim Jong Hyun [Sung Ok’s college senior]
Shin Eun Jung as Choi Myung Sook [Sung Ok’s mother]
Yang Taek Ho as Park Jun Beom [Founder of Windus]
Lee Ki Hyun as Lee Myung Jin [Lead designer at Windus]
Park Chang Hoon as Park Dong Hoon [Designer at Windus]



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    the 1080p version of episode 3 is only 1,1 GB instead of 2 GB, this time, so nearly the same size as 720p of NEXT version.
    Will there be a better version?

    Thanks anyway 🙂

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    Admin, you said that “temporary using tving version for now”. Does that mean any possibility to replace this version with nf version or just stick with this one? I think this latest version is okay tho

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