Title: 악인전기 / Evilive
Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Crime
Episodes: 10
Broadcast network: ENA
Broadcast period: 2023-Oct-14 to 2023-Nov-13
Air time: Sunday & Monday 22:00 KST

Han Dong-soo is a hardworking lawyer who randomly selects prisoners to visit and find jobs for himself. Dong-soo’s half brother, Han Beom-jae, works at a shop selling second-hand computers. He is also a case broker who introduces clients to his brother. Beom-jae witnesses the change in the once rational Dong-soo, when he crosses over to the side of evil after taking on a case.

Subtitles: Internal chi, eng, ind softsubs embedded | SubdlMirror

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Main Cast

Shin Ha Kyun as Han Dong Soo
Kim Young Kwang as Seo Do Young
Shin Jae Ha as Han Beom Jae

Supporting Cast

Choi Byung Mo as Moon Jae Joon
Bae Na Ra as Kwon Oh Jae
Lee Kang Ji as Lee Seok
Kwon Hyuk as Chul Jin [Detective]
Choi Bo Kwang as Hye Young
Choi Yoo Ha as Park Je Yi
Jo Suk Hyun as Lee Soo Ho
Jo Dal Hwan as Sun Gyo
Park Sang Won as Sang Woo
Kwak Jin Seok as Song Yong Chan


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    Gogo Administrator

    ep3 1080p re-uploaded to fix the audio issue
    sorry for the inconvenience
    ep 1-2 will be replaced with release from iqiyi later

    ep1-2 replaced with iqiyi release

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    maaf nanya. untuk episode 6 kenapa fps videonya 25fps ya??? jadi agak patah2 sedangkan episode 5 29,97fps. video yg saya DL 720p. terima kasih

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      Gogo Administrator

      dari source nya sudah begitu, jadi ini di luar kendaliku emang dari iqiyinya
      biasanya fps video drama lain dari iqiyi jg 25 fps bahkan ada yg 23.976 fps

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    hi I am sorry. when download from Mega by 1DM this This problem arises. the file don’t have problem. I made a mistake.

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