Moon in the Day

Title: 낮에 뜨는 달 / Moon in the Day
Genre: Thriller, Historical, Romance, Fantasy
Episodes: 14
Broadcast network: ENA
Broadcast period: 2023-Nov-01 to 2023-Dec-14
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:00 KST

This is a story about a man and a woman. This nobleman was killed by his beloved wife. The vengeful spirit has been following the soul of the woman for 1,500 years, witnessing every reincarnated life of hers. Finally, he gets a chance to confront her again and seek revenge. To lift the curse, he must kill her as she did in the past. Meanwhile, the woman is living the present, trying her best to save and help people around her. She keeps having a nightmare that she can’t remember, and this leads to another mystery as she meets him. Stay tuned to check out what will happen to these two and how their sad fate will end.

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Main Cast

Pyo Ye Jin as Kang Young Hwa / Han Ri Ta
Kim Young Dae as Do Ha / Han Jun Oh
Ohn Joo Wan as Han Min Oh

Supporting Cast

Jung Woong In as Seok Cheol Hwan [Former CEO of Beginning Entertainment / homeless]
Lee Kyung Young as So Ri Bu [Do Ha’s stepfather]
Jung Heon as Koo Tae Ju [Jun Oh’s rival]
Lee Joon Hyuk as Ko Kyung Se [Lawyer]
Jung Shin Hye as Jeong Yi Seul [Jun Oh’s ex-girlfriend]
Bae Eun Young
Moon Ye Won as Choi Na Yeon [Young Hwa’s roommate]
Lee Young Suk as [Chief monk]
Kim Dong Young as Jang Yoon Je [Jun Oh’s manager]


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