My Dearest

Title: 연인 / My Dearest
Genre: Historical, Romance, Melodrama
Episodes: 21
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period:
Part.1: 2023-Aug-04 to 2023-Sep-02
Part.2: 2023-Oct-13 to 2023-Nov-18
Air time: Friday & Saturday 21:50 KST

Jang Hyun is living without purpose or desire. He’s a cold-hearted man who loves no one until he gets introduced to love after meeting Gil Chae. She is charming and admired by all, but her first love, Yeon Jun, is already engaged to her best friend, Eun Ae. Yeon Jun, a Sungkyunkwan student, struggles with his feelings for Gil Chae but cannot break off his engagement due to tradition. Eun Ae does not doubt nor hate the two. As Jang Hyun becomes entangled in this unusual love triangle, Gil Chae, who has only loved Yeon Jun, is confused about her own feelings. The relationship between these four gets put into an even bigger twist at the breakout of war. Will they survive the challenges of war and find their love amidst the chaos?

Subtitles: SubdlMirror

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Main Cast
Namkoong Min as Lee Jang Hyun
Ahn Eun Jin as Yoo Gil Chae
Lee Hak Joo as Nam Yeon Jun
Lee Da In as Kyung Eun Ae
Kim Yoon Woo as Ryang Eum

Supporting Cast

Kim Seo An as Young Rang
Park Jeong Yeon as Jong Jong Yi
Park Kang Sub as Gu Jam
Kwon So Hyun as Bang Du Ne
Ji Seung Hyun as Gu Won Moo
Choi Moo Sung as Yang Chun
Kim Jong Tae as King In Jo
Kim Moo Joon as Crown Prince So Hyun
Yang Hyun Min as Pyo Eon Gyum [Eunuch]
Kim Tae Hoon as Choi Myung Gil
Choi Jong Hwan as Kim Sang Heon
Ha Kyung as Shin Yi Rib
Choi Young Woo as Yong Gol Dae
Kim Joon Won as Hong Taiji
Oh Man Seok as Yoo Gyo Yeon [Gil Chae’s father]
Jo Seung Yun as Kyung Geun Jik [Eun Ae’s father]
Park Jong Wook as Kong Soon Yak
Park Eun Woo as Yoo Young Chae
Park Jin Woo as Park Dae
Ji Gun Woo as Dae Oh
Kim Ga Hee as Yoo Ha
Kim Eun Soo as Joon Jeol
Nam Tae Hoon as Tae Sung
Choi Soo Gyun as Jung Yeon
Jeon Hye Won as Crown Princess Kang Bin
Kang Gil Woo as Jung Myung Soo
Jung Han Yong as Song Chu
Nam Ki Ae as Yi Rang


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