The Escape of the Seven

Title: 7인의 탈출 / The Escape of the Seven
Genre: Thriller, Mystery
Episodes: 17
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2023-Sep-15 to 2023-Nov-17
Air time: Friday & Saturday 22:00 KST

A girl disappears from the world due to the Bell Incident, and seven wicked people are involved in the incident. Seven villains, including the CEO of a drama production company, Geum La Hui, a gangster, Min Do Hyuk, a girl group trainee, Han Monet, CEO of entertainment, Yang Jin Mo, a teacher, Ko Myung Ji, a detective, Nam Chul Woo, and a gynecologist, Cha Ju Ran. They will play a game designed by convict Matthew Lee for seven charges of greed, betrayal, falsehood, distortion, incitement, envy, and indulgence. In order to escape the deity’s punishment, the villains cleverly unite and deceive each other. What were the unwashed sins committed by the wicked? How has the fate of a girl changed due to fake news that began with selfishness and desire? Who will be able to survive this bloody revenge?

Subtitles: SubsceneMirror

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Main Cast

Uhm Ki Joon as Matthew Lee
Hwang Jung Eum as Geum Ra Hee
Lee Joon as Min Do Hyuk
Lee Yoo Bi as Han Mo Ne
Shin Eun Kyung as Cha Joo Ran
Yoon Jong Hoon as Yang Jin Mo
Jo Yoon Hee as Go Myung Ji
Jo Jae Yoon as Nam Chul Woo
Lee Deok Hwa as Bang Chil Sung
Yoon Tae Young as Kang Ki Tak


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  1. 5
    Gogo Administrator

    ep3 web-dl not updated yet on the source sbs vod will check back again later

    uploaded linetv version for now

  2. 8
    Some dude

    For at least first episode – can you tell why rip from SBS is shorter by almost a minute than LINETV rip? (aside from the latter having VIU intro and outro but they don’t last 50 seconds difference). FPS is the same for both – 29,97. Can SBS rip be cut a bit maybe^ maybe some scene removed?

    • 9

      Yes, it seems to me the SBS DLs slam directly into the program. But the Line TV DLs have a nice intro and dip smoothly into the program. They seem better.

    • 17

      That’s to be expected when a drama takes hiatus and their are other new releases – sources get behind or loose their place on their todo lists for a while. The other great thing about LineTV is they have no logos on their videos unlike some others. But you must be adding the English subtitles (from Singapore, maybe) because I don’t think LineTV streams with them. -Thanks.

  3. 19

    waduh versi line nya kadang cepet, cepet banget,
    kadang juga kalo telat, telat banget ya ^^
    nanggung udah keburu nonton yang versi line, jadi di tungguin min ^^ makasih min ^^

  4. 20
    Gogo Administrator

    there are issue with audio (mono left) on opening part of web-dl ep13 (the rest part are fine), this seem to be problem from the streaming source so i have no control over this

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