The Matchmakers

Title: 혼례대첩 / The Matchmakers
Genre: Historical, Comedy, Romance
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2023-Oct-30 to 2023-Dec-25
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:45 KST

In the Joseon era (1392-1910), the young widow Jung Soon Deok (Cho Yi Hyun) has lived an eventful life. She married into a powerful family, but has since lost her husband. She lives a double life, going under an alias when she acts as a matchmaker, pairing up eligible bachelors with suitable brides. Shim Jung Woo (Rowoon), meanwhile, is the King’s unhappy son-in-law. His chagrin derives from the fact that his bride, the princess, died just moments after he tied the knot with her.

But while Shim Jung Woo is a very grumpy individual, he is also one of the smartest men in the land – and became the youngest person ever to pass the Civil Service Exam. This unlikely duo must team up to find husbands for a handful of important Joseon women whose age is starting to creep up. Their outlooks on life are very different, but they have no choice but to work together. Could playing Cupid for others put them back on the path to love?

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Main Cast

Rowoon as Shim Jung Woo
Cho Yi Hyun as Jung Soon Deok

Supporting Cast

Jo Han Chul as [King]
Lee Ye Joo as Bok Hee
Park Ji Young as Park So Hyun [Soon Deok’s mother-in-law]
Lee Hae Young as Jo Young Bae [Soon Deok’s father-in-law]
Jung Shin Hye as Maeng Ha Na [Eldest daughter of Maeng’s sister]
Park Ji Won as Maeng Du Ri [Second daughter of Maeng’s sister / “Mak De Nyeo”]
Choi Hee Jin as Mrs. Jo [Mother of the three daughters]
Jin Hee Kyung as [Queen]
Jung Bo Min as Maeng Sam Soon [Third daughter of Maeng’s sister]
Oh Ye Ju as Jo Ye Jin [Soon Deok’s sister-in-law]
Park Hwan Hee as Yeo Joo Daek [Owner of Hongwol Gaekju]
Heo Nam Jun as Jung Soon Goo
Son Sang Yeon as Lee Shi Yeol [Eldest grandson of Sungkyunkwan Daeseong family]
Choi Kyung Hoon as Yoon Boo Gyeom [Jo Ye Jin’s brother]
Kim Dong Ho as Ahn Dong Gun [Slave]
Seo Jin Won as Do Seung Jo [Chief Royal secretary]
Jung Seung Kil as Hong Cheon Soo [Head of Hongwol Gaekju]
Lee Soon Won as Park Bok Gi
Kim Da Hwin as Kim Moon Gun
Woo Hyun Joo as Mrs. Jung [Lee Shi Yeol’s mother]
Park Hyun Jung as Park Sook Bin
Kim Jae Cheol as Yoo Eui Won [Oriental medical doctor]
Kim Ga Young as Sam Wol
Kim Hyun Mok as Kim Oh Bong
Bang Eun Jung as Gae Dong I [Soon Deok’s maid]
Hwiyoung as Jwarang Lee
Park Sung Jin as Jo In Hyun
Park Bo Bae as Jeon Ju Daek
Jung Ji Ahn as Ma San Daek
Jung Woo Jae as Kim Jib
Bin Chan Uk as Heo Sook Hyun
Hong Dong Young as Crown Prince Lee Jae
Yoon Yeo Won as Jo In Kook
Kim Si Woo as Jo Geun Seok
Lee Sang Goo as Sim Jin Ho
Kim Yeon Woo as Sim Myung Woo


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    FYI :
    Ep.8, yang semula dijadwalkan tayang pada Selasa, 21 November 2023, akan ditayangkan pada Senin, 27 November 2023. Penundaan ini disebabkan oleh penayangan pertandingan sepak bola babak kualifikasi antara Korea Selatan dan Cina untuk Piala Dunia FIFA 2026. //
    Ep.8, which was originally scheduled to air Tuesday, November 21, 2023, will instead air Monday, November 27, 2023. The delay is due to the broadcast of a qualifying round soccer match between South Korea and China for the 2026 FIFA World Cup.

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    hi admin I was wondering if you’d add 2022 kbs specials or if you’re only doing 2023 I really wanted to watch ‘like otters’ but if not that’s okay thank you ❤️

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